Our Parent Council's aim is to develop and support the partnership between our nurseries, the school, its pupils and all parents & carers. We work with the nurseries and the school to promote good relations between the nurseries, school, parents & carers and the wider community.

How can you get involved?

Come along to meetings. We have 6 Parent Council meetings per school year, and all parents & carers are welcome to come along. At those meetings we discuss school/nursery business and any school wide issues raised by parents & carers.



Be part of a Sub Committee. We have a few sub committees that are run alongside our set Parent Council meetings. These are;

  • Parental Engagement group - this group is made up of school staff and parents. The aim is to improve and further develop the partnership between all parents, the wider community and the school. If you are interested in this work please contact Marion Courtney.

  • Fundraising - The Parent Council help raise funds for school enrichment projects for our children. The main focus for 2018/19 is improving the playground environment for our children. Various events have been planned throughout the year, and we hope that a lot of parents and the wider community will support our events. We welcome any fundraising ideas you may have. We need all the help we can get - parents/carers - if you have fundraising experience or do fundraising for a job and would like to help the school - please contact the school office who will pass on your details.

  • Help out at events? Parent helpers & volunteers are always needed at our fundraising events, and any help offered is greatly appreciated.

  • School Float Committee - where they design and build the school float for the John Newlands Procession in June. If you are creative or handy with a paint brush/hammer/saw and would like to become involved - please contact the school office.

  • Road safety & Bikeability - keeping our children safe on their way to and from school is very important. In a bid to reduce the number of cars around the school - trained school staff and parent helpers are delivering bike training to P6 & P7 pupils. This will help them ride their bikes safely to and from school.

Parent Council Information

Meeting Dates

Our Parent Council meeting dates for the remaining school year:

List of Members

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Parent Council Minutes

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Parent Council Constitution

Balbardie Primary School ("school"), Bathgate West Nursery and Bathgate Early Years Centre ("nurseries") Parent Council Constitution.

Fundraising and Events

Fundraising Shout Outs & Events

Float Committee

The Float Committee is a group and parents and carers that produce a float for the school that attends the John Newlands Procession in Bathgate as well as some other local Gala days.